Born in Sweden, Nina was fortunate to start traveling early on in life. Learning and making friends from visiting, studying, and working in North- and Central America, Africa, across Europe and in Asia created a strong urge to contribute to positive change on a global scale.

The route from Mechanical Engineering at KTH, a MSc & Economics degree from the Stockholm School of Economics, and working at Goldman Sachs in London and later as a strategy consultant for Bain & Company to focusing on impact entrepreneurship started by exploring how change happens and how humans behave. From there grew a desire to fully understand how we learn. Evidence from a number of fields and research teams of psychologists and neuroscientists across Europe and in the US were combined and the new ideas tested with entrepreneurs, teachers and students. The outcome became the foundation for a new approach to coaching startups, managers, and schools. When combined with Nina's passion for strategy and broad understanding of the world including the accelerating technological development new impactful methods emerged.

Business, Strategy & Innovation

A combination of Engineering and Business academic credentials lead Nina to begin supporting global companies as a management consultant for Bain & Company (2004-2006). 

Later taking roles as Financial Director of investment company Novax (Axel Johnson group), and more.

Experience in collaborating with local and global charity organisations, eg the National Geographic and the Clinton Foundation (2011-2012).

Founder of non-profit Tech Missionary dedicated to providing engaging and  inclusive technology training to ensure that we have a strong pipeline of future entrepreneurs.

Vice President for Education at Strawbees, an EdTech start-up company with global presence (2017-2018). Advisor to Telia at the launch of the iPad, strategic support to fast-moving tech startups like Zenterio group and launching a full-scale retail organisation for Kronans Apotek with less than one year from the initial drawing board.  

Job offer from the founder and personal invite to collaborate with China's largest private university

Neuroscience & Psychology - a Foundation for Change

Evidence-based teaching model PAX Good Behaviour Game implemented in Europe, Canada, and the US.

The world's largest Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) ever: Social Psychology, as well as courses in Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University.

Developing and delivering intensive behavior-based courses coaching businesswomen for negotiation success.

Future Entrepreneurs & Impactful Education

Coaching of young female entrepreneurs in Kitale, Kenya.

Teaching math, technology and innovation based on how we learn. In 2018 I entered a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Education in the Gambia to support all Gambian schools.

Inclusive creative technology courses and workshops that attract everyone. Recognised by the US Department of State and US Ambassador Azita Raji.

Invited to speak at the European Union flagship conference on Innovation and Tech Education for the future, in Sofia Bulgaria.

All people, in all countries, of all genders and all colors, need to take part in shaping our future

Underprivileged areas: In 2017 Nina was the senior advisor for setting up a new tech venue for young people in a Stockholm suburb.

Every country on every continent. Big or small, rich or poor. We all need to take part in shaping our joint future.

Compassion, health & Nobel laureates

In 1999, 2000 and 2001 Nina was the toast-master at the Nobel  Banquet. 

With 20 years of practicing and attending courses: Nina began teaching and yoga and meditation to illegal immigrants, children, and adults.

Supporting Yennenga Progress by setting up a one week program of activities for Dr Denis Mukwege's family in Stockholm 2013.

Nina has been coaching running groups based on a modern understanding of motivation

Nina also challenged math students to explore the impact of physical exercise on academic achievements, particularly for individuals who face concentration challenges.

When not working she has been known to run Mountain ultra marathon races in Western China.


Demonstration of Creative Technology implementations for the Italian Minister of Education, Bologna January 2018