Strategy consultant - Designing Change

  • Bain & company, Management Consultant Feb 2004-Oct 2006 Project management and analytics: Market insights and development, innovation and proactivity in a changing environment, Efficiency and revenue enhancement, Acquisitive growth strategy, Advisor to leading Swedish and global private equity funds

Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship - Making Change Happen

  • Novax, Acting Chief Financial Officer 2014-2015 Supporting entrepreneurs as well as larger teams such as Filippa K, Designtorget, Medius, Academic work and Hyper Island
  • Prosales, Team management & delivery process 2012-2013
  • Zenterio, Vice President for Strategy & Communication 2011-2012
  • Novamedia Postkodlotteriet, Business Development 2010-2011
  • TeliaSonera, Strategy Consultant, July 2010 - Nov 2010 Modelling behaviour changes in response to the accelerating speed of technological change and its impact on the use of mobile technology
  • Kronans Apotek, Strategy Consultant 2009-2010 Part of the initial team who built the new retail company
  • Veolia Environnement, Group Financial Controller 2006-2008 Worked with the management of subsidiaries in the UK, Ireland, Norway, Finland, the Baltic countries and Russia. Board meetings, operational improvement, change management and acquisitions

Tech startup / entrepreneurship

  • Strawbees, Vice President for Education 2017-2018
  • Coaching of entrepreneurs in Sweden, Spain and Kenya 2016 - current
  • Teaching a weekend course for Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship about sustainable leadership for entrepreneurs 2014-2015

Non Profits for Change and Impact

  • Tech Missionary, Founder 2016 Empowering young women through creative technology courses
  • Berättarministeriet, Volunteer, Husby, Stockholm 2013-2015 Empowering students to express themselves by exploring creative play workshops on collaborative storytelling
  • Global Utmaning/Global Challenge, Consultant 2008-2009 Uniting politicians, industry experts, and researchers to generate solutions in areas of climate change and global democracy

Speaking Assignments & Panels

  • Workshops for the Italian Minister of Education, for Gambian schools on behalf of the Gambian Ministry of Education, and thousands of teachers 2016 - current

  • Speaker at the European Commission Flagship Conference Educate to Create, Sofia Bulgaria 2018
  • Invited to give a workshop at the Re:publica Media Conference in Berlin 2018 
  • Creativity workshop in Denmark for the Lego Radical Innovation team 2016

  • Toastmaster at the official Nobel Banquets in Stockholm City Hall 1999, 2000, 2001 on behalf of the Nobel Foundation


Master of Science and Economics

  • Handelshögskolan i Stockholm, The Stockholm School of Economics 2000-2003

Engineering at The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH

  • Mechanical Engineering part of the 4.5 years Master of Science in Engineering program (1997-1999)

Communication and languages

  • Rhetorics, Södertörns Högskola 1999
  • Practical philosophy, semantics and logic, Stockholm University 1997
  • Spanish, Stockholm University 1996-1997

Psychology & Behaviour Science Courses and Conferences

  • PAX GBG, evidence-based classroom teaching model trainer courses with Dennis Embry (USA) in Ireland 2015 and in Estonia 2016
  • Behavioural Insights Conference, London 2015
  • Contextual Behaviour Science Conference (ACT), London 2013
  • Social Psychology by Scott Plous, Wesleyan University, 2013
  • Psychology - Language, Memory, and Learning, Stockholm University, 2010

Neuroscience Courses and Conferences

  • Neuroscience with KTH Ph.D. students at the Karolinska Institute**
  • Creativity in Management, ESADE Barcelona 2015
  • Society for NeuroEconomics conference, Miami 2014

Teacher Education Program at Stockholm University

  • Evaluating mathematics (KPU)* 2016
  • Didactic methods for mathematics (KPU)* 2016

Technology Education by Harriet Aurell (founder of Komtek)

  • Two years of mechanics, movement, electronics, design, programming from an inclusive teaching perspective 2016-2017

* attended without formal registration ** not completed


Technology Courses for Students age 7-20 years (examples)

  • Tech courses for young women age 13-25 at Gotland, Sweden 2018
  • Four-month course for and coaching of the Swedish robot Olympics team through every step of the design process to build and program a robot which collaborated with other country teams in Washington, DC, USA in the summer of 2017 with young people from 157 countries
  • Activities for 2000 students age 7-18 in KomTek Örnsköldsviks one week Science Center event, Sweden 2017
  • Pedagogical expert consultant for the Municipality of Stockholm, developing a youth center with a broad range of courses and activities attracting young people age 10-19 and 20-29 to learn everything about technology (2017)
  • Developed the curriculum and set-up, and led empowerment through technology courses for underprivileged girls age 10-12 and 13-16 years old including study visits to KTH research labs 2016-2017

Technology Workshops for Students age 6-19 (examples)

  • Library Workshops for approximately 150 students 2016-2018
  • Creative Technology Workshop for girls at Teklafestivalen 2017
  • Tekniska Museet Mini Maker Faire, Sweden 2016
  • After School Program workshop for Kindergarten, Södra Ängby skola 2015

Teaching High School Mathematics in new ways

  • Jensen Gymnasium, substitute teacher ~170 students spring of 2016
  • Developed a new summer course for 17-19-year-olds to catch up with the elementary school curriculum as well as to pass the high school course Matematik B for Kulturama high school 2016

Technology Education Workshops for Teachers (examples)

  • DIDACTA for teachers and teacher students, Hannover 2018
  • TECA for ~700 teachers and librarians, Austin, Texas, USA 2018
  • Berlin Media Convention re:publica in Berlin 2018
  • Italian Ministry of Education, Bologna 2018
  • Preparing teachers for the new digital literacy curriculum 2017
  • Teachers support Stockholm Science & Innovation School, 2016

University Level Teaching

  • Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship/Handelshögskolan i Stockholm, Teacher and Co-developer of a new course (fully booked each cycle) coaching entrepreneurs 2014-2015.