To include people of all gender, all color, preferences, and backgrounds from all over the planet in building our future we need to talk about privilege, understand our cognitive bias and look carefully at how we teach.
Unless you are educating yourself and actively working to improve the situation you are probably a part of the problem - become part of the solution!

          People of all gender,       all color, preferences, and backgrounds

Underprivileged areas: In 2017 Nina was the senior advisor for setting up a new tech venue for young people in a suburb of Stockholm.

Every country on every continent. Big or small, rich or poor. We all need to take part in shaping our joint future.


Why has Nina opted out of working for those with the greatest financial means and chooses to work almost exclusively with those who can not pay? The answer is simple - those in greatest need of support can rarely afford it. Therefore Nina believes in the responsibility of the affluent to support the growth of those who need someone to open new doors, provide guidance, to feel seen and dare to dream bigger in order to cultivate a belief in their own ability and potential.
When fundraising there has not been a single person who does not agree this is an important cause. On the contrary - almost everyone believes that it must be easy to fund these projects. They are "SO IMPORTANT". The truth is that almost no companies nor public organisations fund what I do. It seems that to most - it is "out of scope". So the very reason for my work - that a lot of young people have ended up "out of everyone's scope" is what keeps us from expanding these activities and reach millions. I am grateful to the Red Cross, the Awesome Foundation, The US Department of State and the many individuals including the board of TechMissionary who's support mean the world to me.


Integration begins with taking responsibility for recognising one's own privileges. And by both stepping out of the privilege bubble, and inviting others to visit your world. Not once or twice but to keep at it and wear down walls until the invisible path grows into one that clearly shows the way. Everyone fortunate enough to be born in a place which they were free to leave, where they were given the opportunity to go to school, in countries aiming to provide education and healthcare for everyone, regardless of the financial means of their parents. All of us have a responsibility of exploring how we can best support individuals and countries who struggle, how we can share our wealth.


We are all on the same team - we manage this planet together - and need to be mindful of every other living creature in the oceans, mountains, forests, on savannahs, and in the air. Although each of us is unique, humans have similar basic needs - we wish to live peacefully, take care of our own wellbeing, as well as contribute towards the common good and help others.