Corporate Mentoring

Building more Powerful Teams 

The Growth Challenge

Building a happy, healthy team is critical to success. Rapid growth requires adding brilliant new minds to the organisation. This creates a need to develop and reinvent roles, responsibilities and organisational design. Talented young team members take on leadership responsibilities for the first time.

Inexperienced leaders often focus on and work hard to deliver products, solutions, or services while struggling to keep up with professional and personal growth. Many underestimate the importance and lack the experience to support their team.
This creates pain as well as large costs. Hard to recruit team members with unique skills and knowledge who feel limited from working to their potential end up suffering, sometimes on long-term sick leave, or leaving to join other companies.
A lot of this could be avoided with tailored support for key individuals to grow into and excel as empowering leaders.  

Magic goggles

Would you like to identify upcoming challenges while they are still small enough not to cause trouble? Do you wonder what your team really thinks about you? Do you wish that you could focus more on your company vision and goals and less on politics?   
I help managers and teams see and make sense of 'the invisible', and grow from actual knowledge about what is happening around them rather than guesswork. Individuals and teams know themselves and navigate their organisation, or sometimes    

A team of individials

Everything I do builds on trust. For team members to feel safe when sharing, they need to trust that I am there as much for them as I am for other members of the team and their manager. Things are said to me in confidence. While invited in by the Company, my loyalty is always with the individual. 

The Rainmaker

In my early career, I devoted 95% of my time to strategic thinking and analysis. I quickly discovered that even the best ideas are wasted if we do not get others to buy into them. My quest for a deeper understanding of change and successful implementation first made me focus on communication. I soon turned to modern psychology and neuroscience to learn more about human behaviour. Change to me is us doing things differently today than we did yesterday. Now 95% of my focus is on people. I observe, ask questions, and mirror back what I see and hear. I share knowledge and tools that help others unleash their power and achieve what they want - or often much more than they thought possible.